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Hapi Cafe

4-in-1 Concept Cafe

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About Hapi Cafe

A unique lifestyle café outlet that inspires to transform the way people eat, work and live, by offering a combination of services in one location;

Health – serving and promoting a healthy food diet;

Fitness - activities via Virtual/Augmented Reality equipment;

Work – a co-workspace environment that supports the thriving gig economy;

and Leisure – book your next holiday in the Café while you preview your trip using an immersive virtual reality experience.

AWM is the exclusive master franchisor for Hapi Café in the state of New York. The café will be the gathering center for our Hapi Wealth Builder members to host events and learn from one another.

4-in-1 Concept Cafe

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Hapi Cafe in Utah, Salt Lake City, US 


Land Size: 2.34 Acres

Location: 644 North 2000 West Lindon, Utah

Hapi Cafe Utah Floor Plan.png

Our Store

South Korea
1st floor, 30, Teheran-ro 27-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea(06140)
138 Cecil Street
#01-02, Cecil Court
Singapore 069538


Happy Cafe Workers

Open Hapi Cafe

Here's an opportunity to convert an existing cafe to Hapi Cafe or to Open a new Hapi Cafe. 

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